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Welcome to Teco M.E. Looking for a smart and efficient way to view your control system? Teco M.E provides innovative and easy-to-use control solutions for SCADA and HMI systems. How to improve your comfort and ability to control and control your business? We have the answer!

The world around us has become more complex and foolish. Our challenge is to make the latest technology work for you. There is a great diversity of projects using SCADA. We listen to our customers attentively to discover their automation needs and desires and transport them to cost-effective and quality graphical interfaces.

Our engineers are constantly developing new solutions to meet the requirements of today and tomorrow. Your time is precious and that is why we are trying to make our systems as easy to use as possible.

User convenience:

Our system provides the user with the added convenience of controlling all automated systems in his residential, commercial or even industrial construction through his mobile phone, tablet or PC using easy-to-use and uncomplicated interfaces that give the user the freedom to control and monitor.
The Teco M.E system is the perfect synergy between comfort, technology and full control and control.

Typical functions that can be provided include:

- Simple graphical interfaces
- Easy control and monitoring
- Store data in a database
- Periodically update the stored data
- Create reports
- Draw trends

This solution has been used by us with many projects including residential villas and malls


Some of our projects :


UAE -  NIRSUN - Meydan mall automation

Complete control system and visualization for Meydan mall in UAE
Implemented by: NIRSUN company

Damascus, Syria - ISTC Company - Qassion Mall

Foxtrot control system is implemented as power consumption monitoring using 30 power meters installed in the Qassion Mall , Damascus-Syria
Implemented by: ISTC Company . Syria

UAE - WATERFALL PUMPS MANUFACTURING -Automation of water pumps  testing process

Complete control system and visualization of the testing process in WATERFALL PUMPS MANUFACTURING in UAE 
water pumps manufacture located in UAE. The factory tests the fire water pumps by performance testing process
Control system Tecomat Foxtrot take cares about control of all functions related in this process like: creating a data base for the testing results, presenting the results in a report and CCTV system .

Abu Dhabi, UAE - AL TAQA - Monitoring the electrical and  water energy consumption in Al-Mhrmi Mosque

our system Foxtrot was implemented for Monitoring the electrical and   water energy consumption , and monitor the values of 10 CO2 sensors in Al-Mhrmi Mosque  .
Implemented by: ALTAQ – Equipment CO.LLC . Abu Dhabi - UAE

Dubai, UAE - OPS - Monitoring Electrical Consumption in Jabel Al-Dhannah

At beginning of 2017, Orient Protection systems ops company implemented our control system Tecomat Foxtrot for monitoring issues in Jabel Al-Dhannah resort which is located in Abu Dhabi - UAE.

Android Tablets & HMI: 


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