Damascus, Syria - ISTC Company - Luxury villa controlled by Foxtrot...

Full control and monitor for a villa in Damascus-Syria.
Implemented by: ISTC Company. Syria

A new villa is located in Damascus - Syria.
The villa consists of a basement, two floors, indoor/outdoor swimming pool, jacuzzi, and cottage.

TECO M.E provided full control of the functions in the villa like Intrusion alarm system, CCTV, sound, audio/video, lighting, shutters & blinds, curtains, and air conditioning & heating system.
In addition to the voice command solution. 
All of those automated systems provide comfort, control, and security for the user in his/her daily life.

Control system:


Intrusion alarm system:
TECO M.E system takes care of the safety of the user in his villa so that our system with Satel provided this solution which prevents thieves from entering the villa. In the villa, we made this system. By a simple interface on the user phone , inserting the password , choosing one of two options, disarm, or arm



Sound system solution:
the integration between TECOs’ system & DENONs’ sound mixers making music listening a unique experience with full control and a high-performance system.



Lighting solution:
in the villa, there are several lights Spread over the entire sections of the villa so there is an easy way to control the required light status from different places by touch panels or phone/tablet



Air conditioning & heating solution: 
In this villa, there are many different sources for heating & cooling Which have been automated and controlled by our company which enables the user to enjoy the right atmosphere inside the villa and in the pool no matter how bad the outside.



CCTV system:
in this villa, there are three cameras Tecomat foxtrot system integrated with Digifort to provide remote monitoring of those cameras by one kindly interface. Keeping your eyes on your home will make you more secured. Digifort stands for ‘Digital Fortress’ and its IP surveillance and Management software was purposely developed to offer a new level of CCTV control & analysis.



TECO voice command solution:
One android app and the user's voice, with those he/she will be able to control all functions in the villa.


Video / audio matrix solution:
TECO M.E with Saten  HDMI CAT5 Extra Long Range Extender made a simple system to control the video/audio simply.
In this villa, there are 16 screens & 16 different sources for this system.
The simplest way to control all of those devices is touching your phone/ tablet or using your laptop so that we mad this interface.


User interface System structure

Curtain solution:
The Somfy RS485RTS wireless transmitter enables third-party control systems to operate Somfy RTS motorized solar shading devices via commands sent over an RS485 bus or via the integrated 5 dry contact input ports.


User interface System structure