launch Smartness applications ( IOS & Android) download it and apply our system to smart, easy, and cheap system Prestigio New wireless solution Finally Dream apartment in KSA is implemented The start of the first stage for 4-tower project delivery in Erbil New solutions for GRMS Now our system is ready in Elegant touch clinic in Dubai The integration between our system and the DALI control lighting system in Kuwait Implementation DMX lighting for Tujjar tower - Kuwait

Our Services

BMS & Control System Company for Smart House, smart Hotels, Smart manufacturer,and Smart City. We control make your life easier.

Our Products

We have several kinds of products witch use in BMS & GRMS like PLCs, RCUs, Audio/Video Matrix, Sound Mixers, Voice Commend Application, and Alexa.

Our Solutions

Smart Home, Metering system, integration system, sound system, access control system, lighting system, Audio/video system, and voice command application and more.

Our References

Wireless Z-Wave, Metering Systems, sound system, integration Systems, Voice Commands Application, Audi–Video System, Access Control, lighting system, GRMS and more .

About TECO M.E.




Let us introduce ourselves:

TECO Middle. East  is a Company offers you years’ experience with development and production of control systems for machines, processes, buildings and transport.

We are one of the leading manufacturers of regulation and control systems of the PLC category.






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Here you can see some of our projects

TECO Middle. east is a Solutions Provider. our products are used in many environments in order to create a safer, smarter and more secure world, you can see more projects in reference page

Control your house

Foxtrot controls your house, regulates heat, light and electrical appliances and devices, depending on the program, the setting, or various sensors for light, temperature, presence, wind and rain. It saves you money, time and provides an unbelievable comfort of living.

Our Customers

TECO M.E. Smartness around you