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Full control and monitor for a Luxury Villa in Abu Dhabi-UAE

Implemented by: Data Line Tech company - UAE

A Villa is located in Abu Dhabi- UAE.

This Villa consists of two floors, each one contains a number of rooms.

TECO M.E provided full control of the functions in it like lighting, dimmers, VRF air conditioning system, and curtains.

We worked on replacing an old unworking BMS system with our one.

All of those automated systems and customized scenes provide comfortable control for the user in daily life.

Control system: 

- Lighting on/off: in each room in this villa there are many lighting circuits that can be controlled in a simple way using the traditional wall switches, using our smart Room panel, or by pressing on the light icon on our interfaces.

Those interfaces can be accessed using a tablet, smartphone, or laptop.

- Dimming control: In a simple way using user-friendly interfaces the use can controlling the dimmer level or from the room panel in addition to the traditional switches that can turn the light on / off.

With us, you will have full control and monitoring of all functions on your home or villa, your villa in your hand...

- Curtains control: there is another main function, the curtains controlling them open/close or just stop on your favorite position you have full controlling for them...


- Daikin AC control: In this villa, we have two outdoor groups supplying 18 Indoor units so, our role was to make the user able to control those indoor units from our system in a simple and efficient way

We integrated with Daikin VRV using Modbus 485 protocol.

The user can choose the working mode, fan speed, setpoint, and turn the AC on / off by one interface.

It’s designed in a simple, elegant, and unique way to suit the user's needs.

In addition to the controlling via room panel that fixed on the wall in each room.

- Scenes: And because our first goal is the convenience of the user and making our system flexible to suit different user needs, we have designed a special interface through which the user can create up to 4 scenes of his own in each room with the ability to modify these scenes at any time.

Thus, we have enabled the user to create his own atmosphere at the time he wants and according to his psychological state and daily need.

With us, your daily life will be easier and more effective.


The user can fire the scene using the interfaces or the room panel.