Prestigio wireless System ...



The purpose of the Prestigio wireless system is to protect the premises – both the building and the area around it. This system can also be successfully used to implement building automation. Therefore, it provides a unique combination of security and comfort.

Moreover, Prestigio can work together with any alarm control panel or automation controller, and, in certain cases, it can also operate in stand-alone mode.

Due to the use of encrypted, two-way radio communication, the Prestigio system offers the level of protection that until recently has been available only in the traditional wired systems.

Advanced energy-saving features enable long operation of battery-powered devices – up to 8 years without battery replacement, depending on the configuration.

User convenience:

By integrating with Satel and using its hardware we have been able to employ this system in our projects.
Through the efforts of our engineers to take advantage of this system, which supports the so-called Internet of Things we have been able to make the user more comfortable in dealing with its construction where wherever it is in any spot of the earth can control and monitor its building easily.


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