Erbil, Iraq - Securityco​ - Control and management for lift access...

During the beginning of 2017, our system Foxtrot was implemented for access control issues of lifts in 5-star hotel Divan in Erbil – Iraq, which has 24 floors and four lifts.

Mainly this project is for assignment access permission for normal guests, employees, and VIP guests of Divan Hotel, Implementation of the system has been done by our local partner and distributor for Erbil – Iraq region – Securityco

In this project integration process between RFID card readers provided by Saten brand and Foxtrot is accomplished, 5 x C-WG-0503S modules are used for providing Wiegand interfaces, so RFID reader is connected to CIB bus.

In this hotel, there are two central modules CP-1000 and one extension for CIB bus CF-114. by Mosaic, appropriate interfaces and control program to user requirements were developed.

Main features...

Foxtrot system is responsible management access control logic through next points:

- Registering new cards with specific floors
- Enable /disable accessing to floors according to inserted card inside the lift
- Providing to system administrators management ability according floors and cards (block, free access ……)  
- Logging the data of registered card