Damascus, Syria - ISTC Company - Luxury villa in AL Malky ...

Full control and monitor for Villa: Damascus - Syria

Implemented by: ISTC Company. Syria

It is a new Luxury Villa consisting of many rooms and an outdoor garden. 
TECO M.E provided full control of the functions in it like intrusion system, lighting in the garden, curtains controlling (integration with Somfy), and shutters control.
All of those automated systems provide comfortable and security for the user in daily life.

Control system:
- Intrusion system:
TECO M.E system takes care of the safety of the user in his villa so that our system with Satel provided this solution which prevents thieves from entering the villa.
A simple, easy-to-use interface that guarantees the user to control this system and monitor all sensors throughout the villa to keep him and his family safe against thieves and intruders with us will remain safe.

- Lighting system:
in this project, we are controlling the outdoor lights in the garden. Simply, the user can create the appropriate atmosphere for him by controlling the various lighting circuits in the garden, which enables him to spend the evening out with family or friends in the scene he prefers.

- Shutters control:
Our user-friendly interfaces allow the user to control each one of the shutters in his villa and monitor their status by one simple interface.
With the efforts of our engineers and our expertise, we will enable you to control all your home systems, and we will make your home remain in your hands because smartness means us.
- Curtains control:
Integration with Somfy allowed us to give the user broader areas to control the curtains so that he could control them through the remote control or our interfaces through our system that allows the user to control all the curtains together at one time to open/close them together.