Basic features...

• The module is an actuator with 2 independent outputs (channels) for proportional control of light sources powered by 230 V AC.
• Dimmer is well designed for high reliability and immune to interferences in the main and interference of ripple control.
• Each channel is individually addressable and controlled via CIB bus in the range of 0-100%.
• Module may be switched to manual mode, where each input may be switched on/o? by button.
• The right function for loads of various characters RL, LC or LED/CFL to be chosen in the SW configuration of the module via CIB.
• Each channel may control load up to 500 VA.
• Channels enable parallel arrangement of both output channels for increasing of controlled-load up to 1 000 VA.
• To increase controlled load, we may parallelly arrange up to 4 outputs of independent modules. In such a case, both modules have to be on one branch CIB.
• In the case of a parallel arrangement, all channels have to control synchronal by the same commands via CIB bus. In the case of manual control, other active outputs may be overloaded.
• Outputs have internal protection against overload and overheating.
• Module contains 4 universal inputs for general purpose.
• To universal inputs we may connect voltage-free contacts, RTD temperature sensors, or double-balanced circuits with security detectors.
• Status error/run is indicated by an LED on the module


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