Basic features...

• Module on DIN rail with combination of analog and digital inputs and outputs.
• Each module has on CIB bus only one address. On each CIB bus branch we may connect up tu 32 × 32 = 1024 analog and digital inputs and outputs in combination.
• 3 analog inputs for Resistance Temperature Detectors (RTD) and 2 analog outputs 0 – 10 V are designed for 1 – 2 regulation loop, e.g. heating, air-conditioning or for general use equipped with 8 independent inputs for voltage free contacts
• C-HM-1121M contains 6 galvanic insulated groups of relays with normally open (NO) contacts and with common wire for 3A load and 3 independent relays for 16 A each with both NO and NC contacts available on the terminal. Each group can be used independently for switching 24 V DC or 230 V AC in di?erent phases.
• Power relays for 16 A have contacts with combination of wolfram/AgSnO2 for reliable switching of high loads.
• Each relay is separately addressed and controlled from program.
• After push button MANUAL CONTROL we may each relay control by appropriate button.
• Status of digital inputs, relay outputs, mode MANUAL CONTROL and error/operation RUN is indicated by LEDs at front side of module


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