UAE - WATERFALL PUMPS MANUFACTURING -Automation for hydro-static testing process 2...

Complete control system and visualization of the testing process in WATERFALL PUMPS MANUFACTURING in UAE 
water pumps manufacture located in UAE. The factory tests the firewater pumps by the hydro-static testing process
Control system Tecomat Foxtrot takes care of control of all functions related to this process like creating a database for the testing results, presenting the results in a report, and CCTV system.

Control System:

Foxtrot system is responsible for management and interfacing with next electrical functions in the testing process:

Controlling parameters to start the process: The process is based on making gas flow into the pump under pre-set pressure in a defended time, so that we make the user able to put those parameters from his phone/tablet or laptop.



Setting the parameters interface


Database for testing results: By Mosaic Development Environment the results will store in Data Base. Every single pump can test many times with different parameters so that the Data Base will store all of these results to make the process easier.


DataBase interface



New Record: each time the user wants to make a test he will insert the required information about the pump and the testing process in this interface to store all those information in the database.

New test inserting interface

- CCTV system: This test is nearly dangerous because of the possibility of the pump explosion when it fails, for that the process monitoring must be remotely using two cameras in each testing zone.


User interface