Damascus, Syria - ISTC Company - Luxury villa controlled by Foxtrot​...

A new modern luxury villa is located in Damascus - Syria. The villa contains four floors with several bedrooms, two big salons, inner swimming pool, outer swimming pool, garage and big garden.

Control system Tecomat Foxtrot takes care about control of all functions related all systems in villa like lighting, shutters, underground heating system, ventilation and swimming pools .

Main features...

  • Lighting: in the villa there are many lights, grouped in circuits and groups, so there is easy way to set required light atmosphere or scene from different places by wireless switches (RFox buttons), touch panels or phone/tablet.
  • Underground Heating System:

- the villa is heated by three fuel oil boilers, each room is independently controlled zone, which gets information of real temperature from sensors, compare them with required temperature set by the user in preset temperature program and heat each zone according to this values.


 - Also heating of all rooms in each floor are controlled by pump dedicated to same floor, so user can enable or disable the heating at floors level by run or stop the related pump.

Foxtort system is responsible for management the working of the three boilers and their mixing pumps, including monitoring status and fault signals from them, also Foxtrot manages all other pumps in floors, hot water valves for each room, electrical water heaters and thermostats in rooms.

  • Shutters: Shutters are useful to decrease overheating of the villa during hot summer days. Foxtrot allows user to control with all shutters in villa separately, and gives user special functions to control with shutters according to groups related to floors.
  • Swimming pools and Jacuzzi: Foxtrot provides control interfaces to user for achieving  full functionality as next:

- Control with heating and monitoring water temperature in outer swimming pool

- Lighting of pool

- Control with running of waterfall and Jacuzzi

  • Ventilation system in garage: There are three exhaust fans in garage which are driven by two CO2 sensors, when percentage of CO2 in air exceed a specific limit the fans will be turned on, and when the percentage of CO2 is in the acceptable levels fans will be turned off.
  • Monitoring liquid level in tanks: Foxtrot system also monitors levels of liquid in water and fuel tanks, and send alarm to user when levels go down under 20%. Also it is responsible for detecting any flood from tanks