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Teco M.E. is your partner in HVAC control solutions
Welcome to Teco M.E ! Are you looking for a smart control solution for your HVAC system? Teco M.E provides innovative, easy-to-use control solutions for HVAC and ventilation systems. How to optimise your comfort, indoor air quality, safety and overall wellbeing? We have the answer! 

The world around us is becoming more complex and hectic. Our challenge is to make the latest technology work for you. There is great diversity in HVAC projects. We listen to our customers attentively to discover their automation needs and wishes and transfer them into cost and energy efficient high-end products. 

Our engineers constantly develop new solutions to meet the requirements of today and tomorrow. Your time is valuable and that is why we try to make our systems as user-friendly as possible. We are convinced that a high-quality control system is essential to optimise your ventilation system to function optimally at all times.

Comfort for the user :

Our system provides the user with additional convenience to control heating, air conditioning and air treatment systems through a thermostat control panel or through his mobile phone, tablet or PC. The Teco M.E system is the perfect synergy between comfort, technology and full control and control capability.

Typical functions that can be provided include:

- Control all air conditioning, heating and air treatment systems
- Control on and off
- Monitor the work of systems remotely
- Determine the desired temperatures
- Providing two types of summer and winter work, which are automatically switched between them
- Ensure comfort and availability of appropriate temperature at all times of the year
- Provide wall-mounted thermostat units with easy-to-use touch screen to control and monitor these systems
- Provide nice graphical interfaces that users can use on their smartphone, tablet or PC from anywhere to control and monitor.

This solution has been used by us with many projects including residential villas and malls


Some of our projects :


UAE -  NIRSUN - Meydan mall automation

Complete control system and visualization for Meydan mall in UAE
Implemented by: NIRSUN company

Damascus, Syria - ISTC Company - Luxury villa controlled by Foxtrot

Full control and monitor for a villa in Damascus-Syria.
Implemented by: ISTC Company . Syria

Damascus, Syria - ISTC Company - Luxury villa

A new modern luxury villa is located in Damascus - Syria.
The villa contains four floors with several bedrooms, two big salons, inner swimming pool, outer swimming pool, garage and big garden.

HVAC sensors :


You can read more about the sensors from here