Dubai, UAE - Orient - BMS system in Islamic Affairs Building...

BMS system in Islamic Affairs Building - UAE

Implemented by: Orient Company . UAE

An administrative building with several cooling & heating systems

Our mission is to produce simple interfaces to monitor & control all those systems.

FCU system:

- In this building, there are many FCUs that can be controlled by our thermostats located in different places of the building, or they can be controlled & monitored with our easy-to-use interfaces.

- Monitoring is done through interfaces specifically designed to be easy to use on the SCADA Reliance system. All thermostats show in a single window.

Chillers system:

- In this project, there are two chillers, 3 primary pumps, 3 secondary pumps, temperature sensors, and DPS switches.

FAHU monitoring:

-monitor the FAHU elements such as Supply Fan, Extract fans, HRW, cooling valve, and in/out air filters

Generator & elevator:

-Our mission is to show the status of the 5 lifts that existed in the building. The states that are monitored are: cabin alarm, trip status, fire alarm interlock , as well as Diesel Generator status 

other systems:

It contains the rest systems that existed in the building such as:

♦ smoke and makeup fans

♦ transfer pumps

♦ fire alarm panel and firefighting system


♦ LV panel

♦ emergency lights.