Syria - ISTC Company - Smart home in Latakia ...

Foxtrot control system is implemented for controlling shutters and audio-video system in a big flat on the beach of Latakia - Syria

Implemented by: ISTC Company. Syria

control system :

Shutters: Shutters are useful to decrease overheating of the flat during hot summer days. Foxtrot allows users to control all shutters in a flat separately and gives users special functions to control shutters according to groups related to rooms.


10 x 10 HD BaseT Matrix Switcher

10x10 HDMI Matrix Switch allows you to route 10 HD sources to any 10 HD displays! The 10x10 HDMI Matrix Switch is a complete HD routing solution for whole-home HDTV systems. It provides 3D support, UltraHD 4K 2K, and with 2U Rack-mountable for professional installations. In addition, the Matrix Switcher allows for effortless control of up to 10 devices through Ethernet control, Android/IOS App Control, IR remote control