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Full control, ease & creativity


Welcome to Teco M.E Looking for a smart and efficient way to control your home? Teco M.E offers an innovative and easy-to-use control solution. With just your voice, you can control the various parts and systems of your home. How to improve your comfort and control? We have the answer!

Now in the age of speed, the world has no time to go to the light button to turn it off.

Our engineers are constantly developing new solutions to meet the requirements of today and tomorrow. Your time is precious and that is why we are trying to make our systems as easy to use as possible. We have developed this system to support several languages, including Arabic.

User convenience:

Our system gives the user more convenience to control all systems at home remotely using his tablet or mobile phone with our voice command support app or using Alexa integrated with our systems
Through all this you will finally be able to talk to your home like a friend you will ask him orders or inquiries about a system and he will answer you for all your requests

Typical functions that can be provided include:

- The possibility of programming voice commands according to what the user wants
- Voice control of all our systems
- Query the status of systems
- Supports a number of languages
- Possibility to choose the voice of the respondent
- Ensure high performance and facilitate daily life


You can read more about our app and the integration with Alexa from here

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