UAE -  NIRSUN - Meydan mall automation... 

Complete control system and visualization for Meydan mall in UAE
Implemented by: NIRSUN company

A new modern mall is located in UAE. 
Control system Tecomat Foxtrot takes cares of control for all functions related to all systems in
Meydan mall-like Fan coil unit solution, Smoke fans monitor, Lights monitor, FAHU solution, Pumps monitor, Low voltage panel, Fire alarm solution, Generators & lifts monitor, monitoring more and more systems.

Control System:

Controlling tasks


FCU control: By a simple interface the user can control the different FCU in the mall .The user can set the temperature then FCU working in auto mode ,or the user can control the velocity & the mode of its work .

FCU controlling and monitoring interface

System structure


Lighting monitor: In the mall there is a big number of lights, so there is easy way  to monitor all of them by reading their status from one interface.


lighting monitoring interface

System structure


Smoke fans monitor:
Reliance provides monitoring for all smoke fans from one interface ,the user can read fans status on his phone/table or laptop.



FAHU monitor & control:
In a simple interface the user can read the temperature & humidity values from each stage ,compressor statue and filter statue. The user can control the status of each damper and fan in each one of the FAHU .



Pumps monitor:
foxtrot with Reliance SCADA system provide the ability of reading the status of irrigations ,boosters ,water tank and drainage pumps.



Low voltage panel:
This panel designed to monitor the breakers in building .Each breaker you can see its status on this panel ,and also you can read the value of voltage ,current ,frequency ,….etc.



Fire alarm & fight:
One interface can make the building safe from danger of large fires.

 The user can read the fire alarm status ,and fight the fire in different ways :

·  Using foam.
·  Using FM200 gas.
·  Using extinguisher.



Generator monitor:
In this project we make the user able to check up the generator status by reading different values for its work .  

Lifts monitor:
by foxtrot PLC the user reads two  elevators alarms status ,and their power supply status .





Other systems monitoring: 
n addition to the previous solutions Reliance with TECO PLC provide to the user reading systems status like: UPS System, phone , sound , television and access control system.