Teco case demo kit...

What is it ...?
It is a portfolio through which we present a presentation of most of our company's BMS solutions
In one place, you can see most of our solutions for superior comfort, control and connectivity for the user, and seamless integration with building and property management systems, providing an exceptional experience while improving operating efficiency and energy.

Demo kit components:


1- PLC:

In this kit we use Tecomat foxtrot PLC CP-1000 some of its basic features :
• The central unit designated for installations with CFox and RFox peripheral systems.
• The central module is equipped with 4 universal inputs, 2 inputs 230VAC and 2 relay outputs.



2- RF gateway :

RF-1131 it's the gateway of Foxtrot system into the wireless data network RFox :
• Module is the master of bidirectional communication with the slaves with confrmanion of each data transmission. It operates in the license free frequency band 868 MHz.
• As coordinator/master of data network RFox module enables to connect up to 64 wireless modules with inputs and outputs.

3- CIB – Combined inputs/outputs modules :

C-HM-0308M :
• Modules on DIN rail with combination of analog and digital inputs and outputs.
• C-HM-0308M contains two galvanic insulated groups with 3 relays. Each group may be used independently for switching 24V DC or 230V AC




4- Dimming module :

C-DM-0006M-ULED it is a 6-channel dimming module for LED tapes, controlled voltage source
• Module is actuator with 6 independent outputs (channels) for proportional control of LED strip lighting with common anode. They are controlled by voltage.
• Each channel is independently addressed and controlled in range 0 up to 100% of power supply voltage 12 V or 24 VDC.
• All LED strips must be for the same power supply voltage.



5- Power supply :

The system is powered from 24 VDC for all modules and switches

6- router :

we used Tp-link Ethernet router to provide the connection 

Image result for Tp-link ethernet router

7- Relay module :

C-LC-0202B   :
• The actuator module with two independent relays with 16 A switching (NO) contacts on terminals.
• It is designed for switching two independent power loads/ appliances, especially light sources with high inrush current up to 80 A.


8- Audio module :

C-VO-0001B  :
- 1x Built-in audio player 
- 1x MicroSD slot 
- 1x 4Ohm / 12W or 8Ohm / 7W speaker


9- speaker :

In this case we used S-SP-01R-Logus speaker this is Loudspeaker 2/3W, 8 Ohm, 250-10000Hz
and Built-in loudspeaker 2" - 32 Ohm, Logus




10- Thermostat :

C-RC-0003R-Logus, LCD with push buttons, temperature and humidity sensor

11- wall switches :

C-WS-0200R-Logus & C-WS-0400R-Logus features :

• Wall switches with short press button control. Each control element has up and down button.
• Each button may be configured in project SW for any meaning. E.g. we may evaluate length of press.
• Each switch button may be matched with sequence of commands, e.g. pull jalousies, switch on the lights and set intensity of lights, switch on TV etc.
• Switches have embarrassed wires for connection of up to two external temperature sensors. E.g. interior temperature and floor temperature.
• Switches have built-in temperature sensors


12- Valve controller :

C-HC-0201F-E CIB – Proportional drive of radiator valve:

• Motor drive actuator vor the radiator valve.
• Universal input/output for external sensors can be configured as analog or digital. So both temperature sensor or window contact can be connected to C-HC-0201F-E.
• Firmware of the module linearized characteristics of temperature sensor, optimizes accuracy of measuring and recalculates it to temperature, which is further transferred into central module. Module C-HC-0101F has very low consumption!

C-HC-0201F-E; CIB head, 2x AI/DI RTD/contact, 1x proportional valve control, mounting set M30x1.5

13- additions :

in addition of those components we used :
spot light, water meter ta-e/15 pulse output, one phase power meter pulse output and outlet sock

User interface :