Dubai, UAE - Orient - Monitoring the electrical and  water meters in Islamic Affairs Building...

CMS system in Islamic Affairs Building - UAE

Implemented by: Orient Company . UAE

An administrative building with 65 electricity meters and 7 water meters
Our mission is to produce a system to monitor all these metrics and create periodic reports and charts explaining the performance of these metrics and compare these reports with alerts for high electricity consumption and other alarms.

Power meters monitoring:

- In this project electricity was monitored using 65 meters of our own, Several important parameters was monitored  such as:

♦ current of 3 phases were read

♦ Phase voltage for 3 phases

♦ Line voltage for 3 phases

♦ Actual Power Kw … etc

- In addition to the set of alarms if the voltage may exceed the minimum threshold 180 or the max Threshold 250, And warnings when exceeding the monthly, weekly or daily consumption limitation

- Monitoring is done through interfaces specifically designed to be easy to use on the SCADA Reliance system. All electrical meters can be monitored from a single window.

- In addition to creating hourly, daily, weekly and monthly reports and creating charts and comparing between them .

Water meters monitoring:

- In this project water was monitored using 7 meters. Determine maximum water consumption thresholds per day, week, month and year and monitor consumption so that it does not exceed the predetermined threshold that can be adjusted by the user simply when needed.

- With the possibility of creating periodic reports and consumption charts