Iraq- Erbil - Security-co - controlling 4-tower by foxtrot ...

15-story residential tower (74 apartments) The aim of the project is to make the user able to control lighting and curtains through a mobile application ( Smartness ) or through wall panels designed according to the customer's desire.



The hardware & system structure:

- In each apartment, there is an RCU ( Room Control Unit ) and expansion module to control the tasks inside the apartment.

- And there is a server and mobile application to provide the control/monitor ability to the users

- This solution is cheap, We always strive to produce innovative solutions that satisfy all users

System structure

This solution is very flexible so the end user application can be Android or IOS, the server can be Windows, android, or dedicated server for a flat, the last one  was used in this project.

The controlled tasks :

Besides the user's ability to control the lighting & curtains using the wall buttons he can also control them via his mobile phone through the nice and easy to use interfaces

User interfaces

The capabilities of this solution do not stop there. We can also program scenarios for lighting and curtains according to the user’s desire.
Only one button is able to implement the required scenario.